Practice Improvement Institute

Expanding on our work, over the course of the next year the CISI will host a series of webinars and events on key topics related to full community inclusion for people with developmental/intellectual disabilities.  

Some of the webinar topics to be presented include:

  • Person-Centered Thinking Through an Evidence-Based Lens
  • Person-Centered Planning — The “How Tos”
  • Driving an Organizational Culture of Person-Centered Practice
  • Innovation in Youth Transition Practices: Preparing for Employment and College success
  • Looking at Our Values and Beliefs About Those We Serve
  • The Emerging Face of Family Advocacy
  • Business Development: Smart Strategies to Engage Businesses As Partners
  • Rapid Job Placement: Moving Quickly from Job Identification to Job Placement
  • Career Ladders: A Job is Just the Beginning
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Upcoming Trainings

Person-Centered Thinking, Planning and Doing: A Human Approach to Direct Support
Tue, 06/29/2021 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Upcoming training
Person-Centered Thinking is a set of values, skills, and tools that puts the person at the center of every aspect of life. It is not a plan or a form, but a process through which each person: thinks about experiences he/she wants to have in life or the goals he/she wants to accomplish takes time to discover...