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Person-Centered Thinking, Planning and Doing: A Human Approach to Direct Support

Training type: Community Based Training
Training topic: Person Centered Practices
Date and time: Tue, 06/29/2021 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Location: Virtual-via Zoom

Person-Centered Thinking is a set of values, skills, and tools that puts the person at the center of every aspect of life. It is not a plan or a form, but a process through which each person:

  • thinks about experiences he/she wants to have in life or the goals he/she wants to accomplish
  • takes time to discover and learn about those experiences and goals
  • develops a plan to have those life experiences or reach those goals and;
  • acts on that plan (with the support of others)

Through this process, each person is able to create a plan that is meaningful to them and create a life of their choosing; not the system's choosing. After all, any service or support should be about the person first!

Participants will explore all aspects of Person-Centered Thinking, Planning and Doing. This is an interactive training that will provide guidance, experience, and tools to illustrate the person-centered planning process involved in authentic direct support. 

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