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Employment of the Previously Incarcerated

Training type: Webinar
Training topic: Workforce Development
Date and time: Thu, 02/25/2016 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Every year over 700,000 people return home from prison and jail, looking for an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Nearly 95% of all those who go to prison or jail are released back to local communities across the country.

Within three years, nearly two-thirds of those who return home are likely to reoffend and cycle back into the criminal justice system.

Issues that impact recidivism:

Lack of Employment—Between 46% and 78% are unemployed within one year of release

Research suggests an increasing proportion of inmates (75%) have a mental health diagnosis. 

Estimates range from 70%-85% of those leaving prison have a diagnosable substance use disorder that requires treatment.  

Fedcap knows workforce development and shares tried and true interventions that help the previously incarcerated gain skills and enter into and remain in the workforce!  


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