The CISI Library is a critical vehicle for sharing up-to-date information on the reforms that are happening within the state and across the country, as well as research and best practices in the area of supported employment and full inclusion of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
The CISI Library will be updated frequently as new promising practices are identified.
The CISI Library will also archive videos of consumers, family members and people within the state who have a perspective on improving the lives of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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Latest Addition to the Library

How Person-Centered Care is Changing the Senior Care Industry

What Person-Centered Care Means for Seniors From the senior’s perspective, this type of care includes the following practices and principles: I have the right to determine how best to meet my needs. It must

Person-Centered Thinking with Older People

This book is about using person-centred thinking to enable older people to have much greater control and say over what they need and want in order to be full and

Person-Centered Care Made Simple

The challenges facing the NHS are well understood. There are growing numbers of older people and people living with long-term conditions and disabilities. At the same time, health and social

Life Without Barriers Person-Centered Practice Approach

The Life Without Barriers Person Centered Practice Approach (the Approach) is a resource for the Board, Executive and senior management, managers and staff in Disability Services and corporate functions within

What Is Person-Centered Care and Why Is It Important?

Person-centered care is a way of thinking and doing things that sees the people using health and social services as equal partners in planning, developing and monitoring care to make