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Diversity & Inclusion Training

Mon,10/05/2020 - 08:45am

CISI offers a variety of training opportunities around matters of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Based on our signature programs on Disability Awareness, we tailor workshops and instructional series to meet your organizational goals.

Companies such as Citizens Bank greatly benefit from the CISI D&I trainings on disability awareness and ettiquette. Their employees are exposed to a range of disabilitie and engegement strategies as well as most common mistakes when communication with people with disabilities.

Our team of seasoned experts provide in-person or online educational sessions that cater to all types of employees, ranging from company management, HR representatives, recruiters, to project teams and operational departments.

Our goal is to help enhance business productivity by improving employee morale, building awareness of inclusion and promoting a positive workplace culture as well as combating the risk of discrimination, harassment and biases.

Please contact the CISI team at 401-301-1000 or vbarokha@fedcap.org to discuss a training plan that best fits your company or organization. 


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