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Virtual Career Connections

Mon,10/05/2020 - 09:02am

In 2019, CISI piloted a program called Career Connections targeting middle school students with dissabilities. It was a huge success and we are happy to report that this year we are offering our Career Connections program for middle school students with an IEP and 504 plans virtually starting as soon as October of 2020. We work around the school's schedule to deliver a total of 10 interactive online group sessions that focus on what employers are seeking and how to start developing a path and a vision towards a rewarding career.

CISI designed the Career Connections virtual curriculum not only to introduce middle school students to workforce development, but also to help engage them and recognize the importance of virtual learning, because today most business is conducted online.

Our lesson plans include:

  • Exploration of Interests and Strengths
  • Importance of Soft Skills
  • Aligning Occupations with Cost of Living
  • Self-Advocacy & Labor Laws
  • Social Media and a Digital Footprint
  • Introduction to the Job Search Process
  • Importance of First Impressions
  • The Job Interview
  • Workplace Environments & Behaviors
  • Introduction to Resume Writing & Having References

Contact us today if you're interested in Career Connections for your middle school: vbarokha@fedcap.org. Information is available to download below. 

Multimedia materials: