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"Technology Gaining Foothold In Special Education"

Thu,10/22/2015 - 05:47am

In our always changing society, technology has proven to constantly have an impact on our culture as a country.  Technology is being recognized as a tool used throughout the Special Education world, as well as being noticed as a productive resource by many individuals and families of individuals with ID/DD worldwide.  "Technology Gaining Foothold In Special Education" is an article written by Gail Robinson of The Hechinger Report and provides an insight into the impact that technology has within the Special Education world.  In the article Robinson states, "Some specialists believe that children with certain kinds of disabilities respond especially well to technology programs because the programs behave in consistent, predictable ways.  And unlike earlier technologies for students with special needs, the tablets and laptops are portable and indistinguishable from devices used by other students."  To continue reading and to learn more about the technological options that are available, take a look at the article in full: "Technology Gaining Foothold in Special Education."