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National Outlook of Employment within Intellectual/Developmental Disability Population

Thu,10/22/2015 - 05:47am

Employment has been recognized as an important goal for improving the lives of adults with an intellectual (ID) or developmental (DD) disability. This study, done by the University of Massachusetts in July 2013, documents the employment situation of working-aged adults with ID and/or DD across the country. As one will see, the results show a terribly low employment rate for adults with ID and/or DD and an even lower number of individuals who are even in the work force. The employment outlook for these individuals will continue to be desolate until new ways are found to meaningfully include this population into the workforce. Here at the CEA we are very focused and determined in taking the steps needed to employ all those who wish to work. Please take a look at the article, titled "National Snapshot of Adults with Intellectual Disabilites in the Labor Force," and you will be sure to gain informative feedback.