The CISI Library is a critical vehicle for sharing up-to-date information on the reforms that are happening within the state and across the country, as well as research and best practices in the area of supported employment and full inclusion of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
The CISI Library will be updated frequently as new promising practices are identified.
The CISI Library will also archive videos of consumers, family members and people within the state who have a perspective on improving the lives of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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Occupational Health

Vigil Honors People With Disabilities Killed By Loved Ones

PITTSBURGH — Brenda Dare is sick of going to funerals for people with disabilities and hearing others say that the person who died is in a better place.  “What better

FDA Seeks Input on Autism Treatment

Federal regulators are looking for insight from people with autism and their families as they consider the need for new drug treatments to address the developmental disorder. In a notice

ADA Wellness Program Rules: EEOC New Rules

On May 17, 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued new rules which apply standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to employer-sponsored wellness programs. The EEOC’s new

Doctors Urged to Address Needs of Females with Disabilities

Pediatricians are being encouraged to take a more active role in helping families prepare for and adapt to the changes that come with puberty for girls with disabilities.  Read more...

Club Helping People With Disabilities Be More Physically Active

This article, written by Edward Lee out of The Baltimore Sun/TNS, was recently highlighted through disabilityscoop. Lee offers readers an inside look at a program, established by Jared Ciner, that provides


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