The CISI Library is a critical vehicle for sharing up-to-date information on the reforms that are happening within the state and across the country, as well as research and best practices in the area of supported employment and full inclusion of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
The CISI Library will be updated frequently as new promising practices are identified.
The CISI Library will also archive videos of consumers, family members and people within the state who have a perspective on improving the lives of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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Increased Flexibility Urged For Special Ed Funding

A new report from the Government Accountability Office finds that IDEA’s maintenance of effort requirement may be overly rigid, potentially limiting innovation and prompting funding cuts for general education programs,

Post-Secondary Programs See Signs Of Success

"Post-Secondary Programs See Signs Of Success" written by Michelle Diament out of disabilityscoop, highlights secondary educational programs for students with disabilities. There is a positive movement happening -  50 different


Explore our Practice Improvement Institute page for detailed information about our upcoming webinars! Topics include: Behavioral Health Workforce Development, Culture Change and Changing Mindsets, Disability Disclosure, and Mental Health for

Teaching At-Risk Youth in Trauma-Sensitive Education Environment

Bill Baccaglini is the President and CEO of The New York Foundling. The New York Foundling is one of New York's oldest and largest child welfare organizations.  Baccaglini wrote this article titled "Teaching

Special Education Training Efforts To Get Millions

Shaun Heasley, writer for disabilityscoop, posted this article which talks about the U.S. Department of Education, and how they are dishing out millions to support parent training and professional development

Feds: Most States Failing To Meet Special Ed Obligations

Michelle Diament, writer for disabilityscoop, released an article around which states across the country are fulfiling their obligations under the IDEA. Reports indicate that less than half of states are