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"Respond, Respect, And Realize"

Mon,02/23/2015 - 12:20pm

This shout out is about someone who INSPIRES all individuals to “Respond, Respect, and Realize.” Dennis Harvey is the founder and president of a small business called “Bee in Motion.” “Bee in Motion” provides music and movement therapeutic workshops designed to assist people with disabilities in exploring self-expression and non-verbal communication.  Along with the help of an Occupational Therapist, Dennis developed movement exercises that stimulate changes in the brain and create positive effects in emotion, thoughts, and physical functioning and behaviors.  The workshops incorporate singing, music, and props such as instrument playing and parachute work while striving to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning, regardless of ability or disability. Mr. Harvey created “Bee in Motion” to encourage discovery and self-expression in others, and to engage in inner feelings through music and movement. Dennis has performed at Bridges, Inc., Artist Exchange, O.S.C.R., and Perspectives Corporation, only to name a few. To learn more about these inspiring services check out the business brochure. Way to go Dennis!