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It's a New Day for Peter and Lori!

Thu,04/17/2014 - 06:11pm

Lori Duliala and Peter Maxmean – who met in a Rhode Island sheltered workshop and were engaged about four years ago - are the proud owners of a new car.


Peter purchased a 2005 Hyundai Sonata in March 2014. For Peter and Lori, car ownership provides new levels of independence and convenience, saving them over two hours of travel time each day and providing more opportunities for leisure and family time.   


“Fedcap helps people to reach their full potential and part of that for Peter was getting his driver’s license,” said Cheryl Raposa, Peter’s case manager.


Peter began the process of driver training and earning his license while living in the sheltered workshop. Fedcap staff provided ongoing support, including transportation to driving lessons and to his workplace.


“My life has definitely changed for the better because of Fedcap, and since I got a really good job,” Peter said.


The freedom that the car provides is part of an upward trajectory for the couple that began when Fedcap helped them transition out of the state’s sheltered workshop system into supported employment and independent living. Five years ago Peter was earning about $1.50/hour doing piecework in the sheltered workshop. Today he has a janitorial services job in Cranston, Rhode Island earning almost $15.00 per hour. He’s close to becoming a unionized worker and earning higher pay and benefits.


Lori spent almost 15 years in the sheltered workshop. Now, after working in a restaurant she’s in a training program at a nearby the Hampton Inn, where she’s in line for a full-time housekeeping job.


“I hope I get to work there,” Lori said. “The people are great, and it’s a really happy and cheerful place.”


Peter drives himself to work every day and picks Lori up at the Hampton Inn at 7 pm. When they’re not working they like to relax in front of the TV in their apartment in East Providence, Peter with his sports and Lori with “Mob Wives” and other favorite shows. They go to the movies and out to dinner more often now that they own a car – Applebee’s and Chili’s are favorites – and take trips to Wal-Mart and to visit their many relatives who live nearby.  


As lifelong New Englanders, Peter and Lori are discovering the downside of driving. Peter has been introduced to the region’s famously aggressive drivers and deep potholes.


“I drive the speed limit and people are right on my tail,” Peter said. “I love driving, but there are a lot of crazy drivers out there.”


Welcome to the road Peter and Lori, and congratulations!