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Wed,05/14/2014 - 10:55am

Alicen has been on a long journey to find employment in a place she always wanted to work: a restaurant.  Alicen was recognized by her case manager, Isa Lopes, as a very friendly and capable person who enjoys working. “She is very motivated to work and has excellent people skills,” according to Lopes. After working some time as a receptionist, Alicen took the initiative to enroll in Fedcap’s Culinary Arts program to begin the journey of obtaining employment in a restaurant. Will Edwards, Fedcap Culinary Coordinator, has worked with Alicen in depth and recognizes her outgoing nature and love of cooking.  This made her an ideal candidate for the culinary program.   “Fedcap helped me a lot; they helped me to be more outgoing. They taught me new skills and they helped me complete my resume and learn how to do well in interviews,” Alicen states.  The hard work of making a dream your reality certainly paid off for Alicen, as she is now employed with P.F. Chang’s! Alicen hopes to stay at the restaurant in the future, where she can be sure to have great success and happiness. Her favorite items on the menu are pork fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. Congratulations Alicen, P.F. Changs is sure to recognize your hard work!