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Hats Off to Ivelisse!

Wed,11/05/2014 - 09:38am

Ivelisse has always had a goal and vision for herself: to work in the restaurant and service industry.  Ivelisse initially began her journey by attending Fedcap’s Culinary Training Program, run by Culinary Coordinator Wil Edwards. Wil created an in-house production line to simulate a real-world restaurant environment. Ivelisse learned a range of skills – prep, chopping, busing, deli work, and managing salad bars and soup stations – and also how to greet and engage customers. She also learned how to operate a cash register, serve customers and be proficient in a restaurant environment. This vocational culinary training program would ultimately aid Ivelisse in finding employment in the restaurant and service industry.  Leon Mathieu Senior Center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island is fortunate to now have Ivelisse as a dedicated worker! Ivelisse has secured a service position at the Center’s café where she completes numerous tasks and enhances skills that she learned through the culinary program.  Alyssa Joyce, Nutrition Director at the Center, says “Ivelisse jumped right into her job, she fit in right away amongst staff and approached her tasks with attentiveness.” Gail Cardozo, Ivelisse’s direct supervisor, says “she’s doing very well and stays on task. I would give her a 10 out of 10 on a scale.” Ivelisse states “the people I work with are good, I like my bosses.”  Congratulations Ivelisse, you will continue to enhance the work environment at the Center with your dedication and hard work. Well done!